Is The Shock Jock Really Still Relevant Today?

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Shock jocks enjoyed great success in the 1980s and 1990s, delivering crude commentary on society in an effort to lure more radio listeners. These radio personalities were able to tap into some of the anger felt by the general public, but often remained funny and entertaining.

Shock jocks had just as many detractors as supporters, as many listeners felt that these disc jockeys were being extremely offensive. In fact, several shock jocks crossed the line and were let go from their job. However, because they knew how to draw in listeners, they always knew Read the rest of this entry »

What Kind Of Lifestyle Do Radio Host Have?

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If you have ever listened to radio shows and heard the personalities talking, you might have dreamed about the awesome and exciting lives that these individuals might lead. In fact, you might even dream of becoming a radio host yourself so that you can enjoy this type of lifestyle. However, you should know that not every radio host leads an exciting life.

Some radio hosts do have the opportunity to have a lot of fun, meet a lot of people and have a good time. Jobs of this sort make it easy for people to Read the rest of this entry »

What To Listen For In The Voice Of A Radio Host

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Have you ever flipped through the channels of your radio and come across a host that you positively had to listen to? Have you ever wondered why some hosts capture your attention and others do not? Once you stop and examine what to listen for in the voice of a radio host, you will quickly discover what helps set the really great hosts apart from those that are not so great.

Host with really clear and distinct voices with a lot of passion are among the best to listen to. Obviously, you will Read the rest of this entry »

Deconstructing the Radio Personality

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You have probably heard more than a few radio personalities in your time – Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern and maybe even Art Bell. Some people celebrate these radio personalities while other people may bemoan or despise them, but there is a fundamental difference between these radio personalities when they are on the radio and when they go about their daily lives. A radio personality is exactly like it sounds, it is a personality you associate with a radio program and the ideals and values of that program, but that does not necessarily represent the person’s actual, true personality.

For example, I could have a radio show where I really talk about green energy and how you can get it through places like and you don’t know me so you have no reason to think otherwise regarding my motivations or beliefs. Since I’m on the radio, I could talk about how I only where eco-friendly clothing, while in reality I’m a little more moderate. The point I’m trying to make is that our perception of radio personalities should not entirely eclipse our capacity to view the actual person behind the voice in their life which may actually contrast that of their radio identity. In many ways, they are like celebrities – they are entertainers – just because you see Anthony Hopkins murder a few people in a movie doesn’t mean he is actually a murderer in real life.

Are News Anchors The Best Investigative Reporters?

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An investigative reporter and a news anchor are two separate people who carry out two distinct and separate functions. The investigative reporter is the person pounding the pavement, following up leads, and often putting themselves in harms way in order to capture an enthralling story and bring it to the newspapers, TVs, or radios of the general population. The investigative reporters are the workhorses. They are the people in the journalistic trenches who are always searching for the next big Read the rest of this entry »

How To Become A Trusted Radio Personality

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If you want to become a trusted radio personality you must have experience and a little knowledge. People will look up to you if you have all of these things. You can do this by having the correct back round such as internships, and more.If you network you’ll get all of the things that are necessary to keep your position. Radio personalities have many skills that are essential to their industry. They need these to become successful. Every radio personality make demos and much more Read the rest of this entry »

What Makes Me Tick: Why Become A Radio Personality

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Are you someone who likes talking? Do you like having people listen to what you are saying? Maybe you have always wanted to become a sports commentator. Becoming a radio personality could be the job for you. You will reach a large number of listeners and be able to talk about many different subjects. By talking on the radio each day you will provide information to the listeners about upcoming events, review the latest movie and get feedback on current news and events.
Radio personalities have become as Read the rest of this entry »

Local News Channels Versus Cable News Channels

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The cable news channels cover stories about human traded which results in some citizens responding to the call for help. The coverage provided on the damage in Tuscaloosa caused by the horrible record-breaking storms brought hundreds of volunteers to the city, and these volunteers have made a significance difference in the recovery effort. Joplin, Missouri is another example where the numbers of volunteers have made a big difference in the rebuilding effort. Volunteers came from Chicago and Detroit because they saw the need on TV.

It isn-t just the labor that has made a difference, but many businesses Read the rest of this entry »